Mastery is a journey.

But not one you have to take alone.

The most important journey you’ll ever embark on.

Our instructors serve as tour guides through the experience of embodiment, guiding you through the ancient journey of self-realization and beyond. Their goal is to provide you with the nurture, support, and community that often get lost in the hectic shuffle of our daily lives. At Mastery, we believe that everyone deserves to be believed in, and we honor that divine spark in each person that keeps them seeking.


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At Mastery, we see yoga as an integral step towards moving our awareness from the mind through the rest of the body. As we embody our physical presence differently, we begin to unlock parts of who we are and find new emotions that need to be heard. This profound practice is a lifelong journey and we consider it a privilege to join you any step of the way. Regardless of your experience level or background, we welcome all yogis to join us in the sacred art of harmonizing movement and breath.


In today’s fast-paced world, meditation serves as a sanctuary for the mind, allowing you to find inner peace and connect with your higher self. Through the regular practice of stillness, meditation cultivates a deep sense of mindfulness, enabling you to navigate life’s challenges with clarity and resilience. We would be honored to accompany you on this transformative path towards self-discovery, growth, and expansion.


Ancient yogis considered breath to be an important vehicle of prana, our “life force”. They developed pranayama techniques around controlling this life-giving energy to enhance their lives and know themselves fully. In modern times, some of these techniques have survived and are now known in the Western world as breathing exercises or simply “breathwork”. Those who practice breathwork report experiencing feelings of euphoria and healing, among a myriad of altered states of consciousness.

Sound Healing

For thousands of years, the healing power of sound has been harnessed as a therapeutic tool, transcending cultural boundaries and reaching all corners of the world. Through the art of sound healing, we harness the vibrational energy of various instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, and chimes, to create a healing and immersive experience. As the soothing melodies and frequencies wash over you, the resonance penetrates deep into your being, releasing tension and promoting relaxation. Sound healing has the remarkable ability to recalibrate your energy, clear blockages, and restore your natural state of well-being. Our instructors serve as tour guides through the healing experience of sound.

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Where to find us

Tucked away in beautiful Westwood, our cozy studio is an oasis of calm where you can reclaim your center. Located only a few minutes’ drive from bustling parts of town like Sawtelle, Santa Monica, Culver City , and Beverly Hills, we are a hub of connection and community for people of all experience levels and backgrounds.